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The Information On Our Checklist Is NOT Common Sense
What you're about to learn could easily save a life. Here's a glimpse:

How your morning shower routine could be lowering your fertility AND your IQ.

How a chemical linked to several cancers and diseases is found in everything from your frying pans, to that buttery flavoring you put on your popcorn

How seemingly harmless ingredients sometimes form potentially deadly chemicals in many products you think are safe.

How to identify safe and effective alternatives to many of your favorite products -- without overpaying for those "premium" eco-brands.
We Waited Until Tragedy Struck Our Family To Take Action,
But You Don't Have To.
Gazpo's Home-Toxicity Checklist
We're always on the lookout for tips, tricks, and studies that help everyday families live better, and most importantly... safer. We publish most of this information for free on our website, but we think this particular information deserves extra-special attention.
  • Instantly convert your home into a safe-haven for you and your family, completely devoid of any harmful chemicals that are currently lurking in the most innocuous places.
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I had no idea some of the innocent-sounding stuff found on Gazpo's checklist was so harmful. After fact-checking the list, and comparing the biggest offenders to the products we use around our house... I can't believe I was subjecting my 9-year old daughter to this kind of risk. This checklist couldn't have come soon enough. Thank you for spreading this kind of information!
Janice Reed
With so many new studies on the causes of cancer and disease, it's no wonder some of the cleaning products I've been buying from companies that are 100+ years old have chemicals found on your list. But I honestly wasn't expecting some of my favorite "new agey" brands to make the list too. Bummer. I do want to thank you for the recommendations though, they've been wonderful.

Mike Baker
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